MEHMET DİNAR | BIOGRAPHY HOME DISCOGRAPHY LINKS CONTACT Mehmet Dinar (aka Dj DNR) started djing in 1982. He played at several clubs in Ankara from 1982 to 1987. His radio career started in 1992 at GÜN FM (lately known as Radio Night & Day) where he stayed for 3 years. He also worked at Radyovizyon(Local Dance Music  Station in Ankara) for a short term. At the radio station he prepared a lot of musical and gig shows such as Jazz Night,4th Dimension and well-known "Suluzirtlak" with his show partner Dj Hakan Unsal(whom played as a resident lately at Ankara Faces Club) As a dj,  after some time in Istanbul, he started at Ankara China Town in 1982 andwas resident at Ankara Image Club (1984), F34 (1986), Airport (1987), Blast (1992)Xcess (1994), Blast (1995) Too Much (1995), Complex (1998), Home (1999), Classixx (1999), Rush Club (2002), Kashmere (2003),Nyx (2003), Deep (2004), Avenue (2006),  Ivy Summer (2007), The A Plus (2007)D^bilyu (2008), Hok's (2007-2008), Mia Dea (2008), 3X Large (2008) in Ankara. He was also resident at the seaside clubs such as Club Simena, Club Moonlight, Insense,Hipdorome and many other clubs. His some few guestings were at Laila, Porta Lounge, Hilton/Murphy's, Losthill, Mischa, Coconut, Hilton/Club Barana, Oasis Club, 222 Park, Gio, Deppo, Regine, Hydromel, Saklıkent, Club Gossip in Turkey. He also spun at Tel Aviv/Israel, Slovakia, Athens - Mykonos, Rhodes - Naxos /Greece, Hungary/Budapest, Italy/Milano, Romania, Bosna, Skopje/ Macedonia, Prag / Czech Republic  and several open air events, some dance festivals in Turkey. He shared the dj boot with so many well-known djs such as Todd Terry, Dany Tenaglia,Deep Dish and Mousse T. He has so many unreleased tracks and still continue to producing. Now he has a weekly residency at most famous clubs in Ankara and his music is strictly dance,drifts from tribal and mainstream to oriental house without staying in one particular style through the night. He also likes to play and listen arabic based ethnic chillout, chillhouse, clikhouse, lounge, soulful house, at the pre-clubbing and diner time eventscurrently he prepare a program called “Seyrüsefer Günlüğü” on Turkish Radio Television (TRT) Radio 3